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The biography of the now famous Baroness is of extraordinary interest among people. For decades, Margaret Thatcher held such a high position in the country and turned out to be the longest-running Premier in the history of the twentieth century. Margaret Hilda Thatcher is a legendary figure, the first woman politician in history, who became the first Prime Minister in the European space. The iron lady", who received such a nickname due to her strong-willed character and tough management methods, is remembered in different ways. But no matter how severely contemporaries condemned her, Thatcher had to make decisions for the fate of Great Britain in difficult times (crisis, war, fall of the Berlin Wall, etc.). Margaret was brought up in severity, which could not but affect the character, but their father was always an ideal for them. She had a deep knowledge of economics and politics, read a lot and constantly visited the local library with her sister. Often the father took young Margaret to council meetings, which allowed her to learn eloquence and theatricality there. After high school, she went to college at Oxford University. Luck smiled at the girl, and she was admitted to the Faculty of Chemistry on a scholarship where Margaret later worked in a research laboratory, and then also received a law degree at Oxford University. In honor of one of the events, a dinner party was organized at which Margaret Roberts met the man who radically changed the girl's fate - businessman Denis Thatcher. The self-confident guy immediately drew attention to such an interesting person named Margaret and soon offered the girl his hand and heart, realizing that she would not be a housewife. Before becoming prime minister, she had to go through a series of tests, try her hand at various positions. Thatcher made a significant contribution to the history of the country, holding the post of Prime Minister, but at the same time had a low level of trust and support from the British. However, Thatcher did not care much about ratings and popular polls. The Iron Lady also ignored the positions and opinions of her party colleagues. This approach to people led to disagreements in the team, which subsequently wished to oust Margaret from office. And in 1990, the majestic lady was forced to retire. First, the death of her husband and then long years of illness and an attempt to "make a big name" found herself in writing, published several books, memoirs, but it was difficult to call her a calm pensioner. Margaret never hid her convictions, continued to criticize the authorities, the government and accuse some politicians of inaction until the last days. On April 8, 2013, the great political personality passed away. She was buried next to her husband in a cemetery in Chelsea.



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