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A man who lived in numbers and facts. The famous American journalist, TV and radio presenter Larry King, CNN channel called him "The Interview Icon" in his obituary. A bit of history: Larry King was born in the New York borough of Brooklyn into a family of Orthodox Jews Eddie and Jenny Zeiger named Lawrence. The mother of the future TV star was a seamstress, her father worked in a defense plant, and also owned a bar. Eddie Zeiger emigrated to the United States as a child from Kolomyia (now it is Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine). After the death of his father, he dropped out of school and went to work to help his mother and younger brother Marty. Larry's main hobby was radio: he listened to all the popular shows and imitated the hosts. His dreams were foreseen by the target desire. It started by accident. Zeiger worked as a janitor at the WAHR radio station in Miami. On the morning shift on May 1, 1957, the disc jockey did not show up, and the director put a guy with a broom at the microphone. He began to broadcast daily - reading the news and announcing songs. There, in Miami, Zeiger took the pseudonym Larry King, and later officially changed his surname. King's career in the media lasted for about 64 years. About 30,000, according to CNN's calculations, King interviewed on his daily show Larry King Live, which aired from 1985 to 2010. The host talked with a wide range of guests, from psychics, presidents to prominent politicians and iconic figures in show business. King even spoke with the Muppets, Kermit and Miss Piggy dolls. Larry King also starred in films and TV series, invariably playing himself. In addition, the TV man voiced Ugly Sister Doris in the Shrek cartoons. King was 87 years old when he passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In 2011, being a guest of one of the CNN shows, the TV presenter stated that he did not mind freezing his body after death using cryogenic technologies. Larry King quote ,, - All I want is to ask the best questions I can think of, listen to the answers, and then clarify. I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just specifying. According to the comments of CNN, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and others, he was a man of an unusual soul, strong character and fantastic talent, and that's how we will remember him forever.



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