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When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad things, I feel bad. This is my religion . . . ...._Abraham Lincoln. This famous man devoted his whole life to the struggle for truth and justice, happiness and independence, and that is why his story will be remembered and admired. Abraham Lincoln - American statesman and politician, 16th President of the United States (1861-1865) and the first from the Republican Party, liberator of American slaves, national hero of the American people. He grew up in the family of a poor farmer. From an early age he was engaged in manual labor. Due to the difficult financial situation of the family, he attended school for no more than a year, but managed to learn to read and write and fell in love with books. Having become an adult, he began an independent life, was engaged in self-education, passed exams and received permission to practice law. As an opponent of the expansion of slavery to new territories, he was one of the initiators of the creation of the Republican Party, was chosen as its presidential candidate and won the elections in 1860. His election served as the signal for the secession of the southern states and the emergence of the Confederation. In his inaugural speech, he called for the reunification of the country, but was unable to prevent conflict. Lincoln personally directed the hostilities that led to the victory over the Confederation during the Civil War of 1861-1865. His presidency has led to the strengthening of the executive branch and the abolition of slavery in the United States. Lincoln included his opponents in the government and was able to attract them to work on a common goal. Throughout the war, the President kept Great Britain and other European countries from intervention. During his presidency, a transcontinental railway was built, the Homestead Act was adopted, which resolved the agrarian issue. Lincoln was an outstanding orator, his speeches inspired northerners and remains a vibrant legacy to this day. At the end of the war, he proposed a plan for a moderate Reconstruction, associated with national accord and renunciation of revenge. On April 14, 1865, Lincoln was fatally wounded in the theater, becoming the first president of the United States to be assassinated. According to conventional wisdom and social polls, he remains one of America's best and most beloved presidents, although he was heavily criticized during his presidency ...



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